Website Re-Designing

Give your old website a brand-new look.

If your website look is very old and no longer working the way you need it to – then website re-design is the answer. In this 21st Century, websites must be elegant, easy to navigate and professional. Website redesigning helps you to increase success by attracting your old customers and more new visitors.

After years of experience we found some important reasons for redesigning old websites:

Professional and Fresh Look:

First impression is the last impression. If your website look is old and unprofessional then it will create negative effect on your customers and you may lose your important customers because they may go to other competitors’ websites which have a fresh and elegant look. Our designers have years of experience and detailed knowledge of look and feel of website structures as per industry type. We make global look websites which work all over the world and get you more visitors.

User-Friendly Navigation:

Proper navigation is very important for websites. If navigation is making confusion then visitors will not spend more time on your website and this way visitors will not get enough information from your website. This problem can affect the overall purpose (sales, services etc.) of your website. Some websites don’t even have a sitemap page which is most important for SEO and navigation. It is important to make a website with proper navigation and without any broken links so that your visitors can get the overall website message and become your permanent customer.

Fast Download:

If your website pages are not downloading fast you will lose potential customers. Studies show that you lose 10% of your visitors for every second it takes your page to load. After about 5 seconds, you might as well forget it – most people will have left your site. A large percentage of people still use Dial-up modems so if your current site is taking too much time in page loading then it is necessary to redesign it.

Convert Visitors to Customers:

With lots of marketing effort your site now has good traffic of visitors. Everyday thousands of visitors are coming on your website but if they will not do any action then it is worthless to you. So, for this it is important to make some lead capture forms, free reports, newsletter sign ups etc. Then you can convert your site visitors to customers and this way you can fulfill the main goal of your website.

Image Optimization:

In redesign of old sites, we optimize all images so that pages can download fast and visitors don’t go away.

Flash Animation:

We use flash animations to get attention of customers on your main products or services so they can get quick messages. With flash headers, slide shows or text messages of your products or services you can convey your company’s goal. With short one to two minutes flash presentations you can show the overall purpose of your services or products. It helps your customers to understand your message quickly and this way you can maximize the site visitors’ time.

W3C Standard:

Google and other search engines like W3C standard sites. Some sites have a nice look and design but if they are not following W3C standards then your site may get in low priority due to unproper HTML code, missing image details and other necessary issues for validation. In redesigning of websites, we check each part of webpages and make them W3C valid which can give fast results in SEO.

Use of CSS:

Use of CSS is a smart way to control your website’s text fonts, sizes, colors and it also helps to reduce page coding size so that the page can load fast. In redesigning of websites, we make W3C valid CSS websites.

No Frames:

Few years back there was a trend of using frames in website design but now it changed. People realize that they are not getting traffic on their site because search engines have changed their rules and stopped indexing frame and iframe based designed websites. If your site is totally on iframe then it is necessary to redesign it.

Browser Compatibility:

People are using different browsers as per their convenience. Your website should be compatible with all browsers because if it will open in only some browsers then you may lose your customers who are using other browsers in which your website is not opening. Most running browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, AOL etc.

Proper Coding:

For SEO it is important to make websites with proper coding. If your website has too much Java Script and other unnecessary scripts then the search engine spider will have more problems to read your website content which will affect the listing of your website in search engines. We also make very professional coding so that in the future any programmer can make changes without contacting the main programmer who has done all coding of the site.

Bookmark, Tell A Friend:

These are very useful tools for websites. Bookmark and Tell A Friend tools help to revisit and increase the popularity of your website. We suggest this type of helping tools to our customers.

SEO-Friendly Pages:

Getting page one listed in search engines is very important. It mainly depends of the construction of your web page. In redesign we suggest to apply SEO rules to each and every point of the website content. We make all website pages SEO-friendly with XHTML validation.

Higher Page Rank:

Page Rank is important for your website. We help our clients to get good Page Rank (PR) of their website in search engines.


Keywords are most important for your website to get listed in search engines. Your position in search engines mostly depends upon your keywords in the site. With the best keywords you can get your website on page one in Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines. We help our clients to add the best keywords on new site designs so that their site can get listed on page one position as fast as possible.


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